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Reasons To Live Stream Your Destination Florida Wedding

Many couples are finding themselves in a difficult decision where they are needing to decide to either postpone their wedding again or move forward with a smaller wedding. In some cases couples are also having to decide where to have their wedding because their venue still isn't open or their local city and state regulations prohibit them from having it. Some couples are opting to move their weddings to Florida to cities like Orlando, Sanford, Apopka, and even Tampa. This means that some or most of their original guest list may not be able to attend in person. Live streaming your wedding is a great way to let everyone tune in, even if it isn't in person. So what are the benefits for livestreaming your wedding?

Let Your Guest Who Can't Travel Still Feel Apart Of The Moment

Covid had brought about "virtual weddings" or zoom weddings where there were no guest in attendance but that isn't what were talking about. In this case since weddings are starting to move forward and brides are having in person guest there are reasons where people may not be able to attend. Some couples are opting to have only their immediate family or "elderly" guest in person and have everyone else watch remotely through live stream. Or, because of covid, or loosing their jobs, some guest may not be able/want to travel any more. Live streaming your destination wedding is a great way to keep them connected.

Keep Your Guest Count Down

If cost or safety of your guest is a huge factor live streaming your wedding means you can keep your guest count down and overall cost for your wedding down. For the cost of having (24) people or 3 tables watch your live stream instead of attending in person you can pay for the cost of live streaming your wedding ceremony and perhaps your reception.

You May Not Need A Wedding Videographer

For some brides or couples you may be on the fence on whether or not you want to hire a wedding videographer to capture your ceremony or reception. If you hire a live stream company for your wedding they often give you a video download of your ceremony. If something like that is enough for you then you don't need to spend thousands of additional dollars on getting a wedding videographer.

Don't add additional stress to friends and family members.

We would not be professionals if we didn't mention that there are tons of apps like Event Live Pro that can be used in conjunction with your Iphone to live stream your wedding. However, when you ask a friend or family member you are putting TONS of stress on them and ultimately you. There are so many different aspects that go into having a professional live stream and just having a phone and internet connection isn't enough.

Regardless of where you are getting married we always recommend to people to hire a professional live stream company. There are so many different aspects to having a successful live stream and when you hire a company to live stream your wedding it takes a TON of stress off you. If you are looking for a live stream company in Orlando FL, then please consider Live Hub Events to be your partner.

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