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Wedding Live Streaming Company Orlando FL

Live Stream Your Wedding

A simple way to live stream your wedding and keep your

family members & loved ones connected

Professional Video Gear

We have a variety of professional live streaming and video gear to stream your wedding live.

Custom Designed Wedding Web page

We will create a custom wedding web page for your guests to view the stream.

Professional Staff

Our team of professionals is here to make sure your wedding live stream goes smoothly.

Wedding Live Streaming Company

How Does Live Streaming a Wedding Work?

Request A Consultation

There are a lot of factors that can go into live streaming your wedding live. The easiest thing to do is request a free consultation so we can talk about your needs.

Pre-Wedding Coordination

We partner with you or your wedding planner to make sure everyone involved can easily access your wedding live stream.

Live Stream

Your Wedding

Get your wedding online quickly and easily with our wedding live streaming packages! No Stress and nothing else to think about on your wedding day.

We use advanced video and live streaming gear to broadcast your wedding! If your looking for a live stream wedding videographer to help you stream your wedding then give us a call! We include everything needed to share your wedding day, including a videographer, and professional video and audio equipment. Don't add one more thing to your wedding day to-do list, let us take care of your virtual guests.

We can live stream to your own personalized wedding website or directly to your facebook or youtube page with multi-channel streaming. We have single camera packages perfect for a remote ceremony, or a multi-camera shoot so you don't miss a thing. Most couples opt to use our own live streaming platform and stream to a custom viewing page we create for them.

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Benefits Of Live Streaming Your Wedding

There are tons of reasons to stream your wedding. From connecting to your loved ones to keeping your cost down, live streaming is a great way to share your wedding with friends and family.

Save Money

Sometimes the sheer size of the guest list can be positively daunting. You don't want to offend anyone by not inviting them. Here you've found the perfect compromise: live streaming lets them all witness your union, all while saving 100% on their travel expenses. Fewer expenditures could mean better quality gifts!

Stay Connected With Love Ones

By live streaming your wedding you're letting them stay connected in real time - and safe - from afar.

Use The Venue You Want To

Save on the reception catering expense by downsizing your list's in-person attendees, and live stream it instead!

What our wedding live stream setup looks like

Do the cameras from the live stream get in the way?

No, we use a variety of camera setups depending on the venue and your needs. Our cameras have zoom lenses that allow for positioning in the back and sides of the ceremony room.

Is there a person at each camera?

No, we use tripods and multiple camera angles to make sure we can capture every moment. We may tuck cameras in a row or in the back of the room depending on how many people and the shape of the room. The setup is battery powered and easy to move. We will work with your photographer and videographer to ensure we are not interfearing with their setup.

Virtual Wedding Toast

Live streaming your wedding is great but sometimes we have loved ones that we really want to see or interact with. Having virtual guests is a trend that many are experiencing. Maybe a best friend that can't be there, an aunt or uncle that couldn't travel, there is something about seeing and interacting with them in-person that makes everything that much more special. That is why we created an option for a "virtual wedding toast". This allows the wedding couple to interact with virtual guests on a video call while allowing everyone attending in person and watching through live stream to see the interaction. Check out this video to see what our "virtual toast" add on could look like at your wedding.

You can view an example of a wedding viewing page at the link below.

Live Stream Wedding Packages

Professional Wedding Package

Starting at $645

1 Live Stream Angle

Basic Audio

Private YouTube link pre-scheduled for easy access and sharing.

Professional Operator

High Definition Video Download of Ceremony

Deluxe Wedding Package

Starting at $965

3 Live Stream Angles

Professional Audio

Custom Landing Page personalized for the couple.

1080p Stream

Camera Operator

Live Stream Director

Footage of formal pictures / bride and groom

High Definition Video Download of Ceremony

Professionally Edited Highlight Video of your wedding.


Request Consultation

Live Stream Coverage of Reception

Offline Video Record of first look/getting ready..etc.

Primary/ Backup Internet

Additional Camera Angles

Additional Camera Operators

Stream To Facebook/Youtube

200+ viewers

*pricing is dependent upon use of venue internet. If there is limited internet connectivity or is not usable then we will add internet cost to the package pricing listed above. Internet cost is dependent upon the length of your broadcast.

Read The FAQ's

What type of cameras do you use for broadcasting? 

We use a variety of different cameras depending on our client's request and budget. We have everything from GoPros to High End Video Cameras Like Red or Black Magi. However, all of our cameras will produce a good video quality for your wedding stream.

Our ceremony is not amplified. Will our guests be able to hear us?

Absolutely. First & foremost we are a professional Wedding videography company. We utilize multiple wireless microphones so everything will look right & sound right. Even if your ceremony is not amplified, your guest watching your live stream at home will be able to hear every word. We also monitor the audio quality during the video stream. Need a basic sound system setup? We can cover that too! Ask us about our sound system rentals.

Does your packages cover only the ceremony? Can we film/stream additional "main events"? 

We can cover any type of event you would like. Our base live streaming and wedding video packages mentioned above cover only the ceremony which is usually around 40 minutes. We do offer additional streaming and filming options like a First Dance, and/or toasts, dances with parents, and/or cake cutting. Those additional formalities will be included in the highlight video. If your interested in pricing then please contact us for a custom quote.

Can I just rent your equipment and stream it myself? 

The short answer is no. We offer a turnkey streaming services so our clients don't have to worry about designating an operator, learning the platform, or worrying about if the camera battery is going to die during the wedding ceremony. We leave them to focus on what they need to do and let us worry about all the technical stuff. Let us live stream your wedding ceremony and/or reception on your wedding day.

Do I need internet at my location to use your services?  

While this does help us keep your cost down you are NOT required to have an internet connection at your location. We can utilize different technologies to get stable internet to your location suitable for broadcasting. The speeds that are required would be dependent upon what quality wedding stream you need, which of course effects the price of your package.

What Browsers /devices are supported?   

Our streaming platform is supported on all major desktop/laptop browsers including Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Your friends and family can watch on whatever device they want provided they have a good internet connection.

How many viewers can simultaneously watch my wedding?    

We utilize a content delivery network that ensures all viewers can view your live stream with minimal delay and the highest possible quality. The possibilities are endless if we utilize facebook live or youtube live as well. You can share your wedding to as many people as you want. Included in all of our packages is support up to 200 people.

What type of speed will people need to view the stream?   

For most viewers a download speed of 5 Mbps should be sufficient enough for an HD stream. If their internet connectivity is slower than that then they will need to choose a lower quality stream to ensure a proper viewing experience.

Can I Re-Watch the broadcast? Is it possible to download the video footage?  

Yes, after your wedding is complete you will receive a highlight video of your ceremony as well as a complete video upload of your wedding.

I already have a wedding videographer. Can you work with them?  

Yes! Our platform allows us to use a variety of different cameras to broadcast. As long as your videographer has any of our compatible cameras then we can work with them to broadcast your ceremony and or wedding.

What if my DJ is already providing microphones?  

We can work with your wedding planner and other vendors during the planning process to see what is needed to make sure your wedding is completely covered. We use a combination of external microphones, audio sources, and wireless microphones to make sure we capture all the audio we need. However, because every wedding is different we already include in the price for us to bring this gear because not all vendors may be up to our standards.

What are the terms of your contract?   

We require a signed contract and a non-refundable retainer of $75 to book your wedding date. The remainder of the balance is due 5 days prior to your wedding day to make sure you don't have to stress about payment.

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