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How To Do A Zoom Wedding Successfully

We are guessing you have found this page because you were originally planning to get married but 2020 had different plans for us. You may be in the situation where you are deciding to postpone, cancel, or move forward with your wedding and how to do that the best way possible. For those that are looking at moving forward with their wedding either mostly virtual or with an in-person component this guide was put together for you. 2020 Has Taught us quite a few lessons about life, love, and technology. Perhaps one of the biggest things it has taught us is the resilience that love has when two or more people come together. It has showed us that despite obstacles we will strive to find ways to celebrate life and love with those that are closest to us. One of the craziest ways couples are moving forward with their weddings is through a completely virtual wedding or a smaller in-person wedding with a live stream or virtual component. We will discuss the best ways to do the virtual side of your wedding and things to consider with each option.

What are the benefits & issues of doing a zoom wedding?

Advantages of a zoom/virtual wedding?

  • Guest who can't travel in real life can still attend and feel like they are apart of the moment.
  • Reduces cost for your overall wedding by doing it virtually or adding a virtual component to it.
  • The turnaround time for planning a virtual wedding is much less than in-person.
  • You can still do a lot of the things you do at an in-person wedding like cake cutting, first dance...etc.
  • You can

Disadvantages of a zoom/virtual wedding?

  • It adds more things for you to think about and plan for on your wedding day.
  • Your guest may not be tech savy and could potentially have issues accessing your wedding.
  • It can be a little empty feeling to have just the bride/groom in the room even if you have guest attending "virtually" the level of interaction isn't the same feeling.
  • Lighting inside your home/venue may not be the same causing poor quality video.
  • You still have to have someone in-person to legally marry in most states.

What do we need to do a zoom wedding?

If you are opting to do a DIY virtual wedding on a platform like zoom then we recommend a few accessories to make the process better. Of course, if you want help doing your virtual wedding or live streaming your wedding from a professional then please feel free to give one of our virtual wedding specialist a call for a free consultation.

Those three things are all you basically need besides a laptop or desktop computer. There are however tons of different ways to customize your experience and make it better. If you think though that you would like help with your zoom wedding or you are doing an in-person wedding that you want to add a zoom component to then give us a call today to see how we can help you!

I have everything I need, what's next?

  • Send out invites! Just because your having a zoom wedding doesn't mean you cant have a few loved ones join you.
  • Pick a meaningful place for your zoom wedding. The beauty of a virtual wedding doesn't mean you have to get married at a church or in your house. Go anywhere you want that has cell service.
  • Have a toast! Have a bridesmaid or loved one do a toast! Feature or spotlight them so everyone can see.
  • Make it personal. Last but not least, make sure your zoom wedding is personal to you.

Feeling stressed out?

Of course if reading through this article you feel stressed out or that doing a zoom wedding might not be for you we can help! We offer different live streaming and zoom wedding packages starting at around $650. We travel anywhere in the state of Florida! Give us a call today if your looking for a live stream pro for your wedding.