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What is a wedding live stream videographer?

What is the difference between a videographer & a live stream videographer?

With Covid-19 wedding live streaming has become a integral part of having or hosting a wedding. With so many people being out of work or unable to travel, couples are faced with a new decision of hiring a wedding videographer or paying the cost of adding a separate live stream videographer. Some couples even have to think about live streaming their wedding themselves. So what is the difference between a wedding videographer or a live stream videographer?

The answer is not to complex. When you hire a wedding videographer you are hiring them generally to capture the highlights and important moments of your wedding and put them together in a story style video. They generally do not give you a full length video of your ceremony. Hiring a live stream videographer means you are getting someone that is experienced with live streaming and whos style generally is a straightforward documentary style. Depending on what packages the live stream company offers you could also get a multi camera experience capturing the full length of your wedding ceremony. Some live stream videographers will also offer a short highlight video and capture additional footage before and after your wedding. While the quality of the video may not be the same as a regular wedding videographer it often has tons of beauty and demonstrates the love of your wedding.

Obviously because of budget some couples are looking at live streaming their own wedding. If that is you then you can find out more about what you need to live stream your special day with our wedding live stream checklist.

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