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Temporary Internet Rentals

Pop Up Temporary Internet Rentals For Events and Event Professionals short term or long term.

WIFI Rentals Designed For Events By Event Professionals

Secure Internet

We can deploy your wifi network with a branded SSID and custom password set by you.

Quick and Easy Deployment

Our short term wifi internet solutions are quick and easy to deploy.

Cost Effective Solution

We have several different options to fit your needs and budget. From a single computer to internet for an entire conference we can design a solution that is right for you.

About Live Hub Events

Live Hub Events is a full service production company providing event technology service to event planners and agencies. We offer full event technology services including audio visual , temporary internet services, live streaming services, webcasting, and hybrid event production.

How do your event WIFI rentals work?

You rent a wireless hotspot kit from us and either pick it up or we can deliver it to your venue. In most cases you only need to plug it in and log on! For those event WIFI deployments that are more advanced our team of IT professionals will set up your temporary internet network for you.

4G LTE Internet Rental & Wifi Hotspot

If you are looking for internet for your trade show, special event, or production then we can help! Our 4g LTE internet kits use more than one sim card to make sure your internet is stable and reliable.

Our wireless routers are best for 1-35 devices and create a wifi hotspot that covers about a 60-75 foot area depending on environmental factors. The internet data speeds are ideal for surfing the web, checking your email, or doing some light video downloading. Our event wifi kits are plug and play and in less than 5 minutes you can have your own wifi network independent of venue WIFI. We include unlimited data with all of our devices.

Our internet package is a great solution for temporary WIFI for events including conference WIFI, trade show internet, and outdoor event WIFI and we ship nationwide!

Temporary Hotspot Rental

Rent a Verizon 4G Jetpack for temporary internet.

  • Mobile hotspot rentals are best for devices needed wireless internet access only.
  • Up to 8 connections.
  • Unlimited Data.
  • Long term & short term rentals.

Cellular Bonded Internet Rentals

Rent bonded LTE internet modems that create high quality internet. Live stream from any location with cell service, create backup internet access for a hybrid event, or provide wifi to your event attendees with with our Bonded LTE internet rentals. We have multiple units that can service 1-10,000 people. Rent a bonded solution either short term or long term. Contact us if you are looking for special long term rental rates.

Satellite Internet Rentals

Do you have an outdoor event in a remote location? We provide long term and short term Satellite rentals, perfect for outdoor events and teams in remote locations. We are experts in setting up temporary internet solutions in challenging off-site locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between your internet kit and a MIFI rental? 

Our pop up event wifi kits are different from a regular hotspot rental. The CradlePoint router has dedicated omni-directional antennas that are designed to amplify the WIFI signal up to 60 feet giving you solid internet connectivity. Our router kits also broadcast on the 5GHZ frequency where there is much less interference. These internet routers have 4 hardwired ports on the back that can be used to plug in a computer or other devices needing a hardwired connection. We also utilize more than one sim card to ensure you have a redundant connection when it counts the most.

How long does it take to set up your temporary internet kit?  

In most cases you can be setup in under 5 minutes. Most of our trade show internet kits are plug and play. In the event you run into problems though we can usually remote onto them and check issues with the router to try and resolve them for you.

How do I get my internet rental kit? 

Your commercial WIFI kit will be delivered to your local office, hotel, or production site one business day prior to your event. Inside the package will also be included the return shipping labels for your convenient return of your temporary wireless internet kit rental.

Can you just deliver, setup, and pick-up my WIFI rental? 

Yes! We offer full service for all our temporary internet rentals and production services.

If I have an event with more the 300 people do i need additional units or is there something else I can get ?

We offer our "freedom" solution which uses multiple carriers, sim cards, and modems bonded together to create internet for large conferences. We can also deploy additional access points throughout your event or venue to cover a larger area. For more than 300 people we recommend you give us a call so we can talk through the best temporary internet rental deployment for your situation.

What if our event venue already offers WIFI? 

All to often venue WIFI can be spotty at best and most of the time painfully slow. Since we know internet is important in todays hybrid events we can work with the venue to augment the existing WIFI or completely replace it. This is usually still less expensive than the internet bill would be from the venue.

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