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Wedding Videography

A wedding video is a great way to relive your big day. Photography is amazing but a wedding video can capture those moments as they unfold - in the moment. Let us be your wedding videographer and capture your special day in High Definition video. There is nothing like being able to look back and see your granny on the dance floor, your dad crying when he sees you, or the moment your partner sees you walk down the isle.

Our wedding video packages are based around how much time we are there. We offer a short video package featuring a 5 minute edited wedding video or a premium video package with a 10 minute edited video and a 2-3 minute highlight reel that you can share on social. Of course if you are looking for live stream videographer we can help with that as well! Our packages are really flexible to fit your budget and request.

Wedding films and video packages are customizable and we can create any video that you need. No matter how big or small your wedding is, it is always great to be able to look back at it and be able to relieve your wedding day. Wedding videography captures the day completely different than photography and it is one of the expenses that increase in value over time. Imagine, being able to look back at your wedding and to see a grandparent or family member that is no longer with you to see and hear their voice again. That is the power of hiring a wedding videographer along with your photographer. Our wedding films tell a story of love, of happiness, and passion. We work to find those small moments that might be missed at the time but mean the world after.

We offer wedding videography services in Orlando, Sanford, Lakeland, Tampa, and everywhere in between. Of course if your looking for a destination wedding videographer then we can travel with you!

Live Stream Your Wedding

Add on our live streaming packages to any of your full day wedding videographer coverage.

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