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Now more than ever it is important for venues and event planners to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Now more than ever it is important for venues and event planners to maintain a safe and healthy environment. An elevated body temperature scanner is a great way to determine the internal temperature of a person. This temperature screening solution utilize thermal imaging to screen people for high body temperatures. With Covid 19 at the front of every ones minds temperature screening kiosk are a first line of defense when considering the health and safety of your guest.

Temperature checks are easy with these screening kiosk as they are mostly self service and perform automated temperature checks. The scanners are non contact and measure skin temperature within milliseconds. With a very high detection accuracy rate these kiosks are a cost effective solution for scanning temperatures in a non-invasive manner.

Screen employees or guest at events, hotels, restaurants, theaters, schools, daycares, and even sports facilities.

Product Features:

Self Service / Touchless Kiosk

Easy To Implement

Works Offline

Can Be Monitored Remotely

Use Cases:

In offices for office employees

At events for event attendees

In hotels for hotel guests

Legal With Using Temperature Screening Kiosk

Legal ChangesThe U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) updated its guidance concerning COVID-19, affirming an employer’s ability to temperature test employees before allowing them to enter the workplace in an effort to ward off the spread of the coronavirus. You can read more about their guidelines here.

Beware Of Cheap Temperature Scanners

Don't be fooled by different temperature scanning systems from china. Many of them do not adhere to the CDC or FDA guidelines for use of temperature scanner technology. While many of the systems will tell you if there is an abnormal temperature the accuracy of their temperature readings can be a few degrees off. Their temperature kiosk do not use a fixed heat source to compare against the camera and do not meet guidelines for screening.


This product is not used to diagnose the coronavirus. We are not advertising this product for use in the medical industry or for medical purposes. This product can identify individuals that show higher than average temperature. There is no way to thermally detect an infected individual who doesn’t have an elevated body temperature and only a licensed medical professional can determine if a “hot” individual is experiencing an abnormal medical condition.

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