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April 8, 2020

How To Live Stream Your Wedding

Regardless of if your getting married with a destination wedding or you are just having a small elopement with your best friends there are many…

Regardless of if your getting married with a destination wedding or you are just having a small elopement with your best friends there are many reasons why family or friends are unable to make the trip. The good news is that live streaming services have come a long way in recent years along with the quality and ease of broadcasting to your facebook, instagram, or youtube channel. Before you take on the task of live streaming your wedding there are a few things you should take into consideration.


Why Should You Livestream Your Wedding.

We all know of at least one occasion where you were attending a wedding and you heard the phrase " so and so is really sorry they couldn't be here". As a couple getting married on your special day you don't want to hear that your best friend couldn't make it or your uncle is offended because they wanted to be there. Sometimes circumstances prevent the people we love from showing up in person. Sometimes it is circumstances outside of their control and other times you don't have the space or budget to have a 700 person wedding. Enter live streaming! Live streaming your wedding is a perfect way to allow those who can't afford to travel or be away from their jobs to still be apart of your special day. It can also be a way to keep your wedding reception more intimate and with people you really want to be around you. You can broadcast your ceremony and invite everyone you want!! Then you can keep a smaller or more affordable reception party.


How To Broadcast Your Wedding With Livestreaming or Webcasting Services.

There are tons of different ways for you to broadcast your wedding to your guests. From iPhones to simple web cameras there is no shortage of devices and services you can get like skype, zoom meetings,  or even directly to Facebook. But there are several other factors that go into actually getting your message online.

Below is a shortlist of things you should check when planning your wedding Livestream.

  1. What is your internet connection at the venue? This is really important and we recommend at least a 10mbps upload speed. This will allow you to broadcast at least 720p. Make sure that during your event though the venue isn't going to allow all your guest to connect to the network as that would slow your speeds down.
  2. Do you want your video to be public or private? Make sure that you decide ahead of time if you want your wedding to go to your facebook that you set the live stream feed to only family and friends. Or if you are using another service that they can password protect your live stream. If you are going to password protect it then make sure you include it in an email a week before your wedding to everyone that signed up to watch.
  3. How far away are you going to be from the camera? If you are choosing to go the DIY path with your wedding live stream then make sure the camera person is going to be close enough to pick up your vows or the person performing the ceremony.
  4. Talk about live streaming with your photographer, any musician, and your officiant to make sure they are ok with it.

DIY Approach To Live Streaming Your Wedding

Before you decide to live stream your wedding it is important for us to point out that there are a lot of risks and added stress that come with broadcasting your own wedding. The biggest problem that couples run into is trying to figure out someone trust worthy to show up early, start the live stream, and make sure the camera stays on. Now that we have talked about some of the issues you might face with DIY lets talk about a few items that would make your life easier.

  1. Get yourself a decent cell phone tripod stand.
  2. Get yourself a battery pack to keep your phone and other devices juiced up.
  3. Get yourself a bluetooth microphone to better capture your wedding.

Once you get these few items you can look at streaming directly to facebook live. Just make sure that you set the video to the right privacy level so that unwanted guest cant see your wedding stream. Of course you can always use services like the popular zoom or skype meetings but each of these platforms have drawbacks as well.

If you feel overwhelmed or don't want to deal with the hastle of setting everything up then feel free to contact us for a free consultation. You can also check out our wedding live streaming page for some more information.