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Save Time & Generate More Leads With 360 Virtual Tours & Video

Bring Your Venue To Life With 360 Tours & Video that show your style, attract customers, and offer 24/7 access for customers to experience your venue at their convenience.

Virtual 360 Tours & Video For All Types Of Venues

Call us today to take back your time, engage with your customers , and generate more leads with 360 tours & video of your venue.

Visitor Centers, Wedding Venues, Conference Centers, Country Clubs, Historical Properties, Parks & Gardens

Have you found yourself frustrated with:

Not being able to follow up with warm leads/customers when you want to.
Customers who tour your venue without actually booking anything?
Not having enough time to market your venue to new people?

Never Worry About Wasting Your Time On A Tour Again

Let your prospective customers look at your venue when it is most convenient for them and decide if they want more information or have an in-person tour. Weed out people who won't convert to an actual customer and are just "window" shopping.

Generate Leads With A Branded Experience

Create a highly visual experience for your customers with a 360 tour, branded for your company with clickable links and calls to action. You can have your contact information for them to follow up with you if they are interested in more information.

Build Trust With Your Future Customers Increasing Your Closing Rate

It takes on average 8 touch points to convert someone to a customer. Convert more customers while building trust and confidence with a 360 virtual tour.

We know what it feels like for someone to make you think they are interested in your product only to have them ghost you or decide that you arn't the right fit for them. We know you can't always answer your email, reply to text, and answer calls and your shouldn't have to. That's why we offer high quality virtual tours and 360 videos to help you save time and close more sales.

Virtual Tours Accessible On Any Device

Utilizing the latest in web technologies your virtual tour becomes accessible on any device from cell phones to virtual reality headsets. Want an offline version? No problem! We can prepare the virtual tour for self hosting on your own computer or server.

Give Planners The Tools They Need To Sell Your Venue

Virtual Tours can be full consultation experiences when used with skype, zoom, or google hangouts.

Easily accessible sales tool for planners to use with their clients
Attract more planners to your venue with an immersive experience making them feel like they are there. Let them see how they can fit into your space.

Process & Services

360 Virtual Tours

Unlike static images 360 Virtual Tours allow your customers to experience the venue for themselves. They can move around the room instead of looking at a few static images. You can also embed links to other pages on your site, download marketing material, and even your contact information to create a sales funnel tool.

360 Video Tours

Unlike traditional videos a 360 video allows the guided experience while still allowing the guest to look around during the video. They are no longer stuck looking at you in front of the camera.

Photography and Video Production

Do you need an update of your marketing materials? How about an about us video? We can help update your traditional photos and video at a reasonable rate when packaged with our virtual venue tours or 360 video on demand packages.

Live Hub Sales

Give Us A Call Today To Talk About Doing 360 in your event venue.


At Live Hub Events we know that you are the kind of people who want to work less and make more money while spending more time with your ideal customer. In order for that to happen , you need a virtual tour of your venue that can weed out people who are only looking or still in the "dating" phase as we like to call it. The problem is you may not know who it all works or have the money right now to invest in a virtual tour or 360 video, which makes you feel frustrated or stuck. We believe no venue owner or staff should have to waste time on a venue tour only to be told that it isn't what they are looking for. We understand that your time is valuable and could be better spent following up with customers who actually like your venue. That's why we set up professional 360 branded tours that you can use as a lead generator, and even a sales tools for other planners or event organizers.

Here's how it works. Step one: you give us a call or send us an email letting us know that your interested in doing a 360 virtual tour of your venue. Step Two: one of our virtual tour experts will call you to talk through a few specifics about your venue and suggest a package that is affordable and will get you on track to being less stressed and having more time. Step Three: we come out and capture your venue in stunning 360 photo & video and put it together in an online gallery that you and your customers can access 24/7. So, give us a call today to talk about your virtual tour options, so you can stop spending all your time on tours and more time on the rest of your business and start spending more time with people who will convert to actual customers ultimately making you work less and make more money.

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