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May 20, 2021

5 Simple Styling Ideas To Make Your Corporate Event Stand Out

Nobody would want to end up with a botched corporate event. This is because corporate events act as a representation of your brand. Regardless of…

Nobody would want to end up with a botched corporate event. This is because corporate events act as a representation of your brand. Regardless of the event’s goal, you want to leave a positive impression on your guests. The interior design, cuisine, and venue matter greatly, but a personal touch bumps the experience a notch higher. Our live event productions history has given us plenty of experience, which has allowed us to share a few tips on making your corporate event stand out.

Set A Color Theme

One of the easiest ways to achieve a memorable corporate event is to set a color theme. Color themes not only add pomp but are also a cost-effective way to improve your event. You can opt for flowers, balloons, or table linen to give your event an identity. Go for the flower varieties that are in season to cut the budget. Blending in some lighting will help bring out your color theme and amplify the glamor.

Have A Creative Floor Plan

The floor plan for your corporate event doesn't have to be formal and boring. You can take a different path and try something unique and out of the ordinary. Different seats and table arrangements can give the venue a complete makeover.

A dedicated lounge on the side will not only give you more sitting space but also spice the allure. Those in attendance can use the lounge to cool down, socialize, and unwind. Lounges provide an ideal atmosphere for guests to mingle and network in a casual setting.

Include Food Stations

You can hit two birds with one stone by positioning some exotic food stations at the venue. Food stations act as attractions and conversation starters, allowing your guests to mingle more freely. A variety of foods presented at a stunning food station will give your guests a lasting memory. Set up your food stations with various styles to give each a unique feel.

Provide Alternative Seating

Breaking away from traditional seating standards will help make your event stand out. You should think outside the box and give your guests a special treat. There are many alternatives to explore when you want to create a unique experience.

Consider the duration that your guests will remain seated when choosing seats. Their comfort should top the list of the factors to consider. Beach chairs, cushioned cubes, or beanbags are some good examples of alternative seating.

Make Use Of Centerpieces

Centerpieces remain flexible in both formal and casual settings. They come in various colors and themes, making it easy to find ones that blend well with your brand. You can go for natural or artificial flowers or use improvised options. Improvised centerpieces will augment the decor and also cut your expenditure.

A stylish corporate event earns you respect among rivals, and how you do it may make or break your big day. This fact highlights the importance of investing in a professional event planner. Live Hub Events is your reliable full-service event solutions provider of choice. Don't take chances. Visit and request a FREE quote today.

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