Wedding Live Streaming Service Jacksonville, FL

Wedding Live Stream Company Jacksonville, FL

Live Stream your Jacksonville wedding quickly and easily with our all inclusive wedding live streaming packages. If you are looking for a company or videographer near you to live stream your wedding then look no further!

To check out our wedding live stream pricing check out our main wedding page with more information and reasons to live stream your wedding with a professional company. If you are interested in booking one of our professional videographers for your wedding then contact us today!

Live Stream Services Include:

Professional Stream Technician

Link For Easy Sharing

HD Download of Broadcast

Destination weddings can be unpredictable sometimes but that doesn't mean your live stream needs to be. There are so many beautiful wedding venues in Jacksonville FL but not all venues are ready to live stream. That's okay because we can live stream weddings from anywhere. When it comes to live streaming your wedding we plan for everything so there are no surprises. Internet service at your venue not that great? We can take care of that. We are a company run by families and that means everything from start to finish is personal.

Our Wedding Live Stream Packages

Professional Wedding Package

(1) Live Stream Angle

Basic Audio

Prescheduled Private YouTube Link for ease of access

Professional Live Stream Technician/Operator

High Definition Video Download

Deluxe Wedding Package

(3) Live Stream Angle

Professional Audio For Officiant and Groom, DJ Feed, and/or musical performers

Custom Landing Page personalized for the wedding couple.

Camera Operator

Live Stream Director

High Definition Video Download

Professionally Edited Highlight Video Of Your Wedding Day

Read The FAQ's

What type of cameras do you use for broadcasting? 

We use a variety of different cameras depending on our clients request and budget. We have everything from GoPros to High End Video Cameras Like Red or Black Magic.

Do you rent your live streaming gear out?  

The short answer is no. We offer a turnkey service so our clients don't have to worry about designating an operator, learning the platform, or worrying about if the camera battery is going to die during the broadcast. We want them to focus on what they need to do and let us worry about all the technical stuff.

Do I need internet at my location to use your services?  

While this does help us keep your cost down you are NOT required to have internet at your location. We can utilize different technologies to get stable internet to your location suitable for broadcasting. The speeds that are required would be dependent upon what quality stream you need which of course effects the price of your package.

Jacksonville FL is one of the most populated cities in all of Florida and for good reason. There are so many beautiful wedding venues throughout the city there is no wonder why brides choose to have their weddings here. Our professional live streaming company will help you reach your friends and loved ones without any hassle at all, our state-of-the art technology assures that everyone can see what's going on with a crystal clear picture! For those looking to get married in Jacksonville but who want their ceremony streamed online then look no further; we work anywhere, anytime you need us too!